Two Tiny People


Two tiny people

Two tiny people hold me together

Two tiny people help me think I can do this forever

Two tiny people hold my hands for a while

Two tiny people help me to smile

Two tiny people giggle upstairs

Two tiny people laugh without a care


And here I sit, thinking I should just quit because I’ll ruin it…


Two tiny people come running to hug me and I know that at least

Two tiny people love me…


#storydares prompt


He crumpled the note in his fist, while wiping away his tears.

“Hello, prevention hotline…”said a soft voice from his cell phone as it fell from his other hand to the floor.

“Hello?” It said again as he walked away. Opening his balcony door the cold night air greeted him as an old friend.

As he fell with the snowflakes he finally smiled, he wasn’t sorry any more.

Close your eyes to reality and finally see.


She closed her eyes and opened her mind

And soared like never before so light and free

Soon though reality would coming knocking

Her eyes would open and her mind would close and everything would go back as it was before she saw herself soar….

Reality, such a bore. 

For reality is always repeating history where as dreams and fantasies are worth living for…

Excuse format and punctuation, everything I have been posting is from my phone due to lack of internet. Yes it is awful.