If I Wish To See ~ I must be like water

Valuable of reflection and resources at my own cost with no return

When the time comes
Moving valuable pieces and places around me

In the end

Not nearly as good, but it is what I took away from such a painting written in words.


If I wish to see
I must open my eyes
Must open my hands and release my death grip
on my assumptions

I must dial my perception filters back to zero
Must make the walls of my world transparent
I must be like water. . .

How strange
that the water in this lake is transparent
Yet holds the reflection of the sky

Not hold
Nor capture the image of the flying geese
The reflection lasts only a moment
and then its gone

To reflect
To truly see
I must be like water

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Portia the Portal Painter

Tilting her paint brush she added one final touch to her painting.

A smile came across her lips as the painting reminded her of home.

Finding the painting perfect Portia signed her name into the corner.

As soon as she dotted the I  the painting rippled as if a breeze blew past it just like at home. “Wow,” she whispered as a cloud moved across the baby blue sky of the painting. 

“I knew you could do it,” growled a deep voice behind her.

Startled she turned and saw Rubyio, her master, wearing a very nasty grin.  He had been watching her for a while.

The memory came to her every time she painted another portal, that was three years ago. At the time she was going to be sold to a man who lived in her old town. Now as she painted the waves upon the shore of Seward Portia knew she would never be able to go home again.