Portia the Portal Painter

Tilting her paint brush she added one final touch to her painting.

A smile came across her lips as the painting reminded her of home.

Finding the painting perfect Portia signed her name into the corner.

As soon as she dotted the I  the painting rippled as if a breeze blew past it just like at home. “Wow,” she whispered as a cloud moved across the baby blue sky of the painting. 

“I knew you could do it,” growled a deep voice behind her.

Startled she turned and saw Rubyio, her master, wearing a very nasty grin.  He had been watching her for a while.

The memory came to her every time she painted another portal, that was three years ago. At the time she was going to be sold to a man who lived in her old town. Now as she painted the waves upon the shore of Seward Portia knew she would never be able to go home again.



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