Welcome, you seem to have stumbled across my site, or maybe you came here on purpose, either way, I hope you enjoy what you see and read. I am a writer in progress so please keep that in mind as you look deeper into my writing and my soul. I feel all writers are writers in progress even the ones who have made it to the big time.

So here is what you can expect to find on my site:

  • Advice on various things in life different situations and how to handle them and incorporate them into your life. Everyday life are great to put in your writing even if they are tweaked or skinned differently it makes your writing relatable.
  • Writing prompts to help move along your writing.  You can never have too many writing prompts they can be very inspirational.
  • Sneak peeks into my works in progress. I am not a famous author but maybe one day I will be. Could you imagine having sneak peeks into famous works of writing? I wish I could have had a sneak peak into the world of harry potter, that would have been awesome!
  • Someone to listen to you. I am always available to help others out in the day to day life. As a writer, it can be a lonely life but it does not have to be. My site offers a way to make and keep friends with other writers.
  • Suggestions on starting your own journey to becoming an Author. Personally, I feel anyone can be a writer but its takes a lot of hard work, guts and courage to be an Author.

I have more available to you but I have run out of time to type it up, for now, my kids are wanting this thing called food… As a good mother, I must attend to their needs… as a writer well haha… just kidding.


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