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He crumpled the note in his fist, while wiping away his tears. "Hello, prevention hotline..."said a soft voice from his cell phone as it fell from his other hand to the floor. "Hello?" It said again as he walked away. Opening his balcony door the cold night air greeted him as an old friend. As... Continue Reading →



Terrified to lean on others and yet Ritualistic to the point of no control Unknowingly undulating from one to another Self-sacrificial suicide if broken Time, once gone can never be undone

Can’t You See

Black lives matter but can't you see not my skin but me. I keep being reminded of my ancestry but that's not me, can't you see. Can't you see that I am me and not what's on tv. All lives matter even yours there is no score only humanity. All lives matter yours and mine... Continue Reading →


Shhh look and see From the closet a monster peeks out at me With eyes so wide and a sad small smile it's fingers hold onto the door frame Softly whispering "please come in and play with me." It's absolutely frightening. Oh you poor thing you used to be good You used to be my... Continue Reading →

Loveless Lover and Nogard

The rocky edge of the cliff digs into her bare feet beneath her black billowing skirts. A salty wind dances around unable to soothe her. Her head aches with the tension and toll it takes to not shake. Inside her heart cracks and breaks.   From beside her someone places a bow and arrow into... Continue Reading →

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