Life is all about transformation and what you make of it. #amwriting #poetry #poemoftheday


Two Tiny People

Two tiny people Two tiny people hold me together Two tiny people help me think I can do this forever Two tiny people hold my hands for a while Two tiny people help me to smile Two tiny people giggle upstairs Two tiny people laugh without a care   And here I sit, thinking I... Continue Reading →

Various Versions of Love

Love Lost Was never given Then why on earth do you remain Are you sane?   Love Bought by another is never sought from a true lover   Love Earned is not always returned And yet it can still burn   Love Given is a life worth living

Nano winner 2016

Well, I said I would put up my personal experience of doing Nanowrimo and here it is. When I first started I had a completely different story in mind. I even went as far as doing some planning and character sheets. And then it hit me, a simple picture from a scene that grew into something... Continue Reading →

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