Lady Winter

Winter is most definitely a woman. Who else can be so beautiful and yet so cold. #poetry


Two Tiny People

Two tiny people Two tiny people hold me together Two tiny people help me think I can do this forever Two tiny people hold my hands for a while Two tiny people help me to smile Two tiny people giggle upstairs Two tiny people laugh without a care   And here I sit, thinking I... Continue Reading →

Loveless Lover and Nogard

The rocky edge of the cliff digs into her bare feet beneath her black billowing skirts. A salty wind dances around unable to soothe her. Her head aches with the tension and toll it takes to not shake. Inside her heart cracks and breaks.   From beside her someone places a bow and arrow into... Continue Reading →

Various Versions of Love

Love Lost Was never given Then why on earth do you remain Are you sane?   Love Bought by another is never sought from a true lover   Love Earned is not always returned And yet it can still burn   Love Given is a life worth living

Fire Within

It never dies, merely smolders away Awaiting for the day To be kissed By rekindling bliss Of true love  

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