Liquid Life

Through it’s glass you see the world upside down

Or is it right side up

Half empty

Half full

Either way it has been tasted sipped and found to be mesmerizing or is it wanting

It sits here between you anyd me the only barrier I can see

I place it to my lips and take a sip of this liquid life you find so sweet and yet for me it is bitter and dry.

Give it time you said to me and it will become sweet

I have never been one to wait patiently…



There are many pools in this world.

Each pool holds many worlds.

And yet we still wonder why children jump in puddles.


A loud ruckus crowd

Cannot hear deaths silent call

They will doom us all


A face to disgrace

Will constantly be replaced

We stay in one place



The briefest touch skin to skin

Our sin within us


Take me

A thief upon the sea
Taking everything but me
Sailing for the golden horizon
Then what is to be done?
Broken hearts left in their wake
They simply could not bear to take
A kiss of the soul is their toll
To pass beyond the gates of the golden horizon.

Where the journey has yet to begun… or is it done




You smiled right at me

And you brought me to my knees

Such sweet misery


Never pretending

To be completely normal

The world is boring


His darkness protects
Her light reveals everything
They are yin and yang


He smolders alone
Silent tears erode her soul
Love is no longer


Writers in love lose
Its such a dangerous game
For none remain sane




I thought I would give something new a try…