Liquid Life

Through it’s glass you see the world upside down

Or is it right side up

Half empty

Half full

Either way it has been tasted sipped and found to be mesmerizing or is it wanting

It sits here between you anyd me the only barrier I can see

I place it to my lips and take a sip of this liquid life you find so sweet and yet for me it is bitter and dry.

Give it time you said to me and it will become sweet

I have never been one to wait patiently…


Midnight Muse watches the night oil burn

She said, ” I long for something deeper than that of which resides in a kiss…”
So he opened his soul and let his poems unfold…

While his touch was as cold as a rain-washed window pane, they were not the same.
For the window, she could see through and through.
As for when she looked at him she never knew.
Somedays he would show her the sun.
Other days she wished to run.
Some nights he would be her guiding moon
Other nights were over far from soon.
Still, she stayed for he was her reflection.

Who am I?
What a silly question.
On so often asked.
Yet so rarely answered.
For we are an ever-changing sack of cells held up by brittle bones and cobblestones.