There are many pools in this world.

Each pool holds many worlds.

And yet we still wonder why children jump in puddles.



His fears were phantoms in the dark.

Their icy fingers pulling him back into the life he had abandoned.

Bringing warmth and hope, she could challenge the sun.

Her light shined every time she walked into a room.

Until she didn’t…

Not all who are lost wish to be found

You can save the princess from the tower but the castle will still be her home.

You can save the damsel from the lair but she will still search the skies for her dragon.

You can save the damned from the dungeon but they will still dance in the darkness.

You can save the captured from the cave and the chains they will still crave.


A loud ruckus crowd

Cannot hear deaths silent call

They will doom us all


A face to disgrace

Will constantly be replaced

We stay in one place



The briefest touch skin to skin

Our sin within us


A pen to a paper is a key to a door.

Both unlocking lands never explored before.

How two different objects can be one and the same, cannot be explained.

Both so freeing, revealing, and yet if unused concealing.

Still to a few oh so, so appealing.

Mountainous Dreams (1)

Upon the horizon are mountains I see.

Looking down mocking you and me.

Teasing, taunting and throwing pebbles of doubt.

Whispering, “See we are what you’ll never be…”

Still, travel,  climb, in frustration, scream, and shout.

Though only you know how far you’re willing to go.

Don’t quit, stop or give in.

And the mountains on the horizon that we see

They’ll soon be nothing but clouds beneath our wings.