Life is all about transformation and what you make of it. #amwriting #poetry #poemoftheday


Put pen to paper Words to thoughts Keep going Keep writing Or all will be lost...  

Loveless Lover and Nogard

The rocky edge of the cliff digs into her bare feet beneath her black billowing skirts. A salty wind dances around unable to soothe her. Her head aches with the tension and toll it takes to not shake. Inside her heart cracks and breaks.   From beside her someone places a bow and arrow into... Continue Reading →


I hate Grammarly The bitch haunts me Slashing, cutting Leaving my work completely Bloody Cant she see Its not proper its poetry!

Fire Within

It never dies, merely smolders away Awaiting for the day To be kissed By rekindling bliss Of true love  

Nano winner 2016

Well, I said I would put up my personal experience of doing Nanowrimo and here it is. When I first started I had a completely different story in mind. I even went as far as doing some planning and character sheets. And then it hit me, a simple picture from a scene that grew into something... Continue Reading →

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